Apple Event on February 26 Launches iPhone SDK and MacBook Pro?

9to5 Mac is reporting that Apple will have yet another event on February 26 in order to launch the iPhone and iPod Touch SDK, which will have native apps that reportedly offer Exchange and Lotus Notes support. And the best part is that updated MacBook Pros with Penryn and possibly the MacBook Air trackpad could also… »2/08/08 1:34pm2/08/08 1:34pm


Comcast Kerplowed With Class Action Suit for P2P Blockage

The fat lot of nothing done about Comcast's alleged-but-shiftily denied P2P blockage has been kicked over by a hot plate of lawsuit action. Filed by Comcast customer John Hart in the most consumer-friendly state around, it hits them for "breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,… »11/15/07 4:40pm11/15/07 4:40pm