A Compelling Reason To Try Putting a Water Balloon in a Barbecue Grill

What happens when you mix two backyard staples, the water balloon and the barbeque grill? Apparently a pop loud enough to convince your neighbors you're setting off anti-aircraft missiles. Now I'm not saying to try this or anything—certainly not—but I can't help imagining that I would be impressed by the summertime… » 3/09/11 9:00pm 3/09/11 9:00pm

Bicycle Horn Honks at 115db - That's Jet Plane Loud

Ride a bike? Cars not giving you the respect you deserve? Add the Thunder Horn, the electronic bike horn that boops at 115 decibels. In comparison, a Jet Plane is 120db, a chainsaw is 115db, and a car horn is around 110db. Yes, this thing is slightly louder than a car horn. Take that, Nissan Sentra. [Brando via Pocket… » 8/01/07 4:30pm 8/01/07 4:30pm

Firebell Alarm Clock is Loud, Brings Back Bad Memories

Our clock fetish is becoming a daily occurrence and today is no different. The firebell alarm clock would be sure to jolt even the heaviest sleepers awake with an ear-shattering ring. This $16 is so loud it will supposedly scare the hell out of you, therefore increasing your heart rate and not allowing going back to… » 5/03/07 2:20pm 5/03/07 2:20pm

Sonic Boom Loud Alarm Clock Wakes Hibernators

The Sonic Boom Extra Loud Alarm Clock can wake even the heaviest sleepers. It is pretty simple: an extremely loud beeping alarm clock and a small device that attached to the underside of your bed and will vibrate you awake, also. It does allow for some volume control on the alarm, but nevertheless, this thing is loud.… » 2/05/07 2:21pm 2/05/07 2:21pm