USB LED Light Tube Speaker is Like Bad Sci-Fi Prop For Your Desk

This transparent, glowing USB speaker is either missing one glowing arm to make it look like a flux capacitor »7/03/08 6:51am7/03/08 6:51am, or has one arm too many to be the light on top of the . It's weird. But if you're into EL-wire PC case modding, then I suppose this blue LED-lit USB speaker from Brando might be up your street. Measuring…

Gradient Helsinki 1.5 Loudspeakers Could Sound Great, Come With Lots of Buzzwords

According to the manufacturers, these handcrafted Gradient Helsinki 1.5 250-watt loudspeakers are "born from our twisted way of thinking differently." They sure look twisty, especially when they shoot at us all kind of buzzwords like Dipole Bass, Cardioid Midrange, Wave-guided tweeters and all sorts of technological… »2/04/08 6:11am2/04/08 6:11am

Altec Lansing's Powered Theater is First Foray into Home Theater

Altec Lansing enters the home theater market for the first time with its Powered Theater line, shipping in August. Designed to be big on sound and small on space, Powered Theater comes in two flavors: the advanced two-piece PT8051 or the bigger, single-piece PT7031. Thanks to their slim forms, the units should… »6/28/07 1:34pm6/28/07 1:34pm