Dammit, Why Can't This Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker Just Be a Real Product?

It's about time for appliance and electronics makers to start keeping a small staff of artists on hand—because there are just too many fantastic products being created by artsy types that will never see the light of day. Case in point: this fantastic custom waffle maker that leaves your breakfast imprinted with the… »7/24/12 4:40pm7/24/12 4:40pm

Solid Gold Louis Vuitton Flash Drive Trimmed With Your Choice of Ostrich or Alligator

Luxe designer Louis Vuitton is designing a USB Flash drive for geeks who need a side of haute couture with their gadgets. The thumbdrive features a sexy curved body, and will be made of white or yellow gold with ostrich or alligator accents. Like the designer purses, the flash drive manages to incorporate Louis'… »11/09/07 11:22am11/09/07 11:22am