Thermo-Sensitive 'Love Handles' Sofa Shows Your Thigh Imprints in…

Remember those Thermochromatic t-shirts from the early '90s? Unsurprisingly, American Apparel started selling them last year. Now there's a sofa version from NunoErin, which is coated in a thermo-sensitive finish that changes color where your body touches it. » 1/19/10 7:40am 1/19/10 7:40am

Tanita's Abdominal Fat-Measuring Machine a Big Fat Waste of Space

For people too obese to get out of bed comes the abdominal fat-measuring machine. Tanita's AB-101 zones in on the fat around your midriff and then, thanks to a scanning process similar to X-rays, can tell you whether you should be looking for something in the outsize department of Caskets R Us. » 12/07/07 10:06am 12/07/07 10:06am