Four-Minute Hourglass Shower Timer for Drought-Stricken Georgia Folks, Smelly Hippies

Unlike the rest of the Giz crew (especially Chen), I shower daily. But I'm also currently located at ground zero for god's wrath. Despite the governor's public missive for divine relief, Georgia's still got less moisture than scarecrow, which is really the only reason this four-minute shower timer in hourglass form… »12/05/07 6:10pm12/05/07 6:10pm


Disposable Camera Belt Perfect for Chris Hanson Wannabes

One of the quirkier DIY projects we've seen, the disposable camera belt is not a disposable belt for your camera, which is what I initially thought. No, it's a disposable camera strapped to a belt. But! That's a lot cooler than most of the "ironic" giant belt buckles assaulting my eyes lately—and hey, it's easily… »10/02/07 5:20pm10/02/07 5:20pm

DIY Ghetto Hovercraft Uses a Leaf Blower and Duct Tape (Naturally)

If you're looking for something to keep the kids busy on a Saturday morning (and they've already finish mowing the lawn, sweeping the gutters and trimming the hedges) then this leaf blower-powered hovercraft construction project might be a good way to keep them busy so you can watch Saturday morning cartoons in… »5/20/07 1:38pm5/20/07 1:38pm