Does Connected Home Security Actually Make Us Safer?

Securing your home against intruders used to be as simple as barring your doors and locking your windows. But home automation services—offering everything from remote monitoring to keyless door locks—have revolutionized how we fortify our houses. Are these new systems any better at protecting us? » 1/14/13 4:40pm 1/14/13 4:40pm

Iris Care Lets You Know When Your Parents Have Fallen and Can't Get Up

The Iris home security and energy monitor system from Lowes now does more than just track your water and electricity usage. The company has just rolled out its newest service aimed at America's aging population, Iris Care. » 1/06/13 7:32pm 1/06/13 7:32pm

Iris Home Energy and Security Monitor Review: Your House, Safer and…

Manual locks and dumb thermostats are old technology in our internet-connected world. With a Wi-Fi connection and an hour of free time, you can put home security and climate controls online—and give your home a brain. » 11/26/12 4:00pm 11/26/12 4:00pm