Whole Foods Is Selling LPs Now

33⅓ rpm records have been around for 65 years and in that time they've come and gone. And come back again. Apparently the nation's few remaining record stores, stamped out by lack of demand, are suddenly not enough, so Whole Foods has begun selling vinyl at five locations in and around LA, including West Hollywood,… » 8/25/13 9:29am 8/25/13 9:29am

Listen to Radiohead's Idioteque On a Laser-Etched Wooden Record

We've seen 3D-printed records before, and while they don't sound great, they're still pretty neat. Now the same mine behind those, Instructables' Amanda Ghassaei, has got another weird record variation to try out: laser-etched wooden records. It's only a slight step up in sound quality, but still totally cool. » 5/11/13 8:00pm 5/11/13 8:00pm

How Records Are Made

While 8-tracks and cassettes are as relevent to the digital world as wax cylinders, the vinyl LP is still being steadily produced and collected despite, or perhaps thanks to, their imprecise warm analog acoustics. Here's how LPs get their unique sound. » 3/12/13 3:20pm 3/12/13 3:20pm

Phonovision: Imagine Recording TV onto LPs

Only a year after being the first person to successfully demo a working television set in 1926, John Logie Baird dreamed up something called Phonovision. What was its purpose? To record television. On a record. » 8/11/11 7:30pm 8/11/11 7:30pm

Watch This Steam-Powered Vinyl Play Doubly Retro Rock and Roll

It doesn't get much more raw than the Sex Pistols. Unless it's the Sex Pistols on vinyl. Or rather, the Sex Pistols on a record player powered by a homemade steam engine. Yeah, that's raw. And surprisingly squeaky! » 11/29/10 10:00pm 11/29/10 10:00pm

Ask Giz: Scratched Records, Ass Tattoos, and Cellphone Fetishes

An unfortunate electronics-based ass explosion. A confused lad with dirty vinyl. A relationship doomed by a ringtone. This week's questions tortured us for minutes, but we recovered. And we came up with answers. » 9/29/10 8:40pm 9/29/10 8:40pm

What iTunes LP Should've Meant

Is listening to your iTunes playlist over vinyl the most practical of ideas? Nah. But throw in a futuristic glowing ring and call to arms for playlist purists, and Martin Skelly's Playlist Player has a friend in me. » 4/28/10 6:00pm 4/28/10 6:00pm

Even On a Tablet, iTunes Can't Compete with Red Vinyl

This candy apple Sophie Madeleine limited edition LP is just oozing with style that no one can digitize. [Sophie Madeleine via boingboing] » 1/26/10 5:40pm 1/26/10 5:40pm

Music, Mustaches and Marijuana Collide In Idiotic LP Smuggling Attempt…

Thanks to some moronic Jamaican and Canadian drug smugglers, the 1979 mustache patrol cracked down hard on LPs that had the rare distinction of being certified "pot." » 7/13/09 9:20pm 7/13/09 9:20pm

Furutech DFV-1 LP Flattener Irons Your Warped Vinyl

We've known Furutech to build some crazy home theater accessories like the DeMag, so it doesn't surprise us that they also make the DFV-1, a vinyl LP flattener that relies on precision heating and cooling to get the job done. For $1,480, it might be overkill for repairing my now unplayable Christmas in the Stars Star… » 9/21/07 10:50am 9/21/07 10:50am

Swarovski-Festooned Vinyl Killer

Where will we see these ubiquitous Swarovski crystals next? The Swiss bauble maker may have gone too far in its quest to encrust the entire world in its tiny pieces of precision-cut glass, where now there's Vinyl Killer, a little VW Microbus covered with the shiny stuff, and its needle underneath makes contact with a… » 6/09/06 9:33am 6/09/06 9:33am