Review: The World's Thinnest LCD HDTVs

It's not every day that you get to check out the world's thinnest LCD HDTV, let alone all three "ultrathins" currently in production, but that's what's going down. Sharp's super insane new flagship, the Limited Edition Aquos LC-65XS1U-S, arrived at my door in a bulletproof shipping container, 138 pounds of metal and… » 11/13/08 12:00pm 11/13/08 12:00pm

JVC's New LCD HDTVs Claim Title of World's Thinnest (with Tuner)

Right back in January we brought you news that JVC had worked out some magic for making super-slim LCD TVs, and now they're official products. The 42-inch LT-421L89 and the 46-inch LT-46SL89 measure up at just 1.5-inches deep (2.9-inches at the center) and let JVC say they're the "world's thinnest tuner-equipped LCD… » 6/25/08 4:28am 6/25/08 4:28am