Leaked Images Show What Could've Been a Lumia 1020 Successor

When the Lumia 1020 launched last summer with its bulbous 41-megapixel camera, it was a weird looking smartphone that found favor with the photography-inclined. It's been 15 months since the 1020 was released, and we haven't seen much physical evidence that Microsoft was planning a follow-up—until now. » 11/30/14 10:13am 11/30/14 10:13am

The Best Smartphone Camera: iPhone 6 Edition

Since we last pitted the best smartphone cameras against one another, a few new contenders have entered the fold, notably the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That makes now the perfect time to settle which smartphone packs in the snappiest shooter. » 9/23/14 12:02pm 9/23/14 12:02pm

The Lumia 1020 is getting a nice price drop to $200 on contract from AT&T. It's still a little pricey, but not as absurd as the original $300, and if you pick one up at the Microsoft Store, you'll even get a camera grip. Tempted? » 9/07/13 8:50am 9/07/13 8:50am

Nokia 1020 Review: The Best Smartphone Camera in a Pretty Great Phone

The Nokia 1020 represents something fairly remarkable: the nearly flawless melding of a smartphone and a camera. The assumption up until now was that while such a mash-up wasn't strictly impossible, it would surely require a laundry list of unpleasant compromises. Instead, what we've got is an entirely new kind of… » 7/24/13 1:01am 7/24/13 1:01am

Here's the Lumia 1020 Camera Chopped in Half for No Good Reason

If you are intrigued by the Nokia Lumia 1020's wild camera, you no doubt wonder what lies underneath the circular 41-megapixel bulge. Zeiss, the maker of the Lumia 1020's lens, did us all the kindness of slicing the teeny camera right down the middle so we could all see inside! » 7/16/13 5:20pm 7/16/13 5:20pm

Full-Resolution Lumia 1020 Sample Shots (Mostly) Live Up to the Hype

Nokia has posted some sample images from its new half-camera, half-phone Lumia 1020. Since we weren't allowed to shoot and keep any photos of our own during yesterday's hands-on, for now we'll have to draw conclusions from these official samples. If they're at all reflective of real-world shooting conditions, we could… » 7/12/13 3:14pm 7/12/13 3:14pm

How Good Does Your Phone's Camera Need To Be?

Yesterday, Nokia announced to some fanfare its new Lumia 1020: a 41-megapixel, Xenon-flashed, highly tweakable camera that, y'know, also makes phone calls. But how good does the camera on your phone really need to be? » 7/12/13 7:15am 7/12/13 7:15am

Nokia's Pro Camera App Is Headed to the Lumia 920, 925, and 928 Too

Along with the launch of Nokia's new Lumia 1020, the first proper camera-phone hybrid that seems to make sense, came an amazing piece of photographic software in the shape of Pro Camera. The good news: it's coming to other Lumias, too. » 7/12/13 3:34am 7/12/13 3:34am

Nokia Lumia 1020 Hands On: This Actually Might Be Amazing

The first question you'll have about Nokia's new Lumia 1020 is how the photos look. And yes, they're so very sharp. But what may have been overlooked is that the rest of the phone, which is still, you know, a phone, is (almost surprisingly) on point too. » 7/11/13 12:46pm 7/11/13 12:46pm

Why You'll Love the Lumia 1020's Manual Focus

Nokia came forth today with its new Lumia 1020 phone. As anticipated, it's all about the camera. 41 megapixels, woweeee! Xenon flash, egads! But along with those readily recognizable specs is a more subtle camera feature that will certainly warm the hearts of phone photographers everywhere: manual focus. » 7/11/13 12:37pm 7/11/13 12:37pm

How Nokia's Radical New Zoom Tech Works

Nokia's new Lumia 1020 comes with a host of features you might not be used to on a humble smartphone. And one of the most intriguing is the Lumia's radical new approach to zoom. Here's how it works. » 7/11/13 12:00pm 7/11/13 12:00pm

Nokia Lumia 1020: A Great Camera in a Real Phone

Phones in cameras are so good now. Sort of. They're good when you compare their output to the smudgy, iffy images we put up with so many years, but an S95 can still blow them out of the skies. Maybe that changes with the Nokia Lumia 1020, which we'll meet today. » 7/11/13 11:07am 7/11/13 11:07am

This Is (Almost Certainly) What Nokia's Lumia 1020 Will Look Like…

We've already seen a leaked set of specs ahead of today's expected launch of Nokia's new Lumia 1020. But now the Verge has come across press shots and final specs for the new phone. » 7/11/13 7:22am 7/11/13 7:22am

Lumia 1020 Spec Leak: 41 Megapixels, 1.5GHz Chip, 4.5-Inch Screen