Will the Buff, Shirtless Crossing Guards of the Future Wear High-Tech Glowing Safety Vests?

The visionary fashion designers at LumiGram have done it again. Their new safety vests are a modern spin on the gear crossing guards wear as they protect street-crossing children on the way to school. The battery-powered fabrics are made of super-thin optical fibers woven in with other synthetics. The fibers are… »4/02/12 6:40pm4/02/12 6:40pm


LumiTable Glowing Plate Mat Shows How Tacky You Can Be Even In the Dark

"Stylish and amazing decoration" says manufacturer Lumigram. "Oh yes!" we say, because we are glad they keep adding glowing class and elegance to our sad dark lives, specially these Holidays. To me, nothing says smart and sophisticated Xmas better than their dashing LumiTable fiber optics table runner, available in… »11/29/08 5:30pm11/29/08 5:30pm