Luminance for iPad: Edit Photos on Your iPad Like a PRO

Photo editors on the iPad are intimate little buggers: you're touching and stroking pictures and seeing them react as if they were physical objects. Problem is, a lot of them end up skimping on features and feel bare boned. Luminance tries to do better. » 8/25/11 6:52pm 8/25/11 6:52pm

Why Can't Lamps Look Good and Conserve Energy?

Sure, we've seen a couple slick-looking LED lamps before, but those were egregiously expensive. Lumisource's Luminance desk lamp also combines style with the latest in lighting tech for under $100. » 12/22/10 10:40pm 12/22/10 10:40pm

Giz Explains: Brightness

Your smartphone's screen: 500 nits. Your laptop's: 400. Your living room projector bulb: 1700 lumens. Your mini Maglite's: 16. To gadget makers, brightness is a numerical marketing weapon, wielded often and without grace. To us, it's just another spec. No more! » 9/28/10 4:00pm 9/28/10 4:00pm