Luminous Handy Strap is Stylus, Ewok Jedi Lightsaber

On a slow news day, one company can always be relied on to bring out something so unutterably useless that I fall to my knees and give thanks to James T. Kirk and all the angels: Brando. Their phone strap-slash-stylus-slash-lightsaber-for people-of-extremely-restricted-growth costs five bucks and would redefine the… » 3/26/08 7:16am 3/26/08 7:16am

Afterglow Luminous Chair is Made from Recycled Milk Jugs

The Afterglow chair, designed by Douglas Homer, is the perfect present for the entomologist in your life. Allow me to do a little bit of sexy scene-setting for you. It's a balmy summer evening and you and he/she have been making the bug with two backs for—ooh, almost seven minutes now (and that was doing it twice).
» 5/24/07 6:11am 5/24/07 6:11am