Nokia Luna Headset Crams NFC And Bluetooth Into Future-Perfect Pod

Nokia may have fumbled their way to smartphone irrelevance in recent years, but that doesn't mean they still can't make us drool over their other hardware. Their new Luna Bluetooth headset is tiny, colorful, and comes with a pod-like dock that's easy on the eyes. But it's the built-in NFC hardware that has us most… » 10/13/11 12:40pm 10/13/11 12:40pm

On Sale Later This Year, Luna the Robot Can Walk Dogs and Do Other…

Human-sized with soft curves and silky skin, Luna the robot runs on Linux and even has her very own app store. With a touchscreen and cameras and microphones, she can react and respond, and take commands over Wi-Fi if needed. » 5/11/11 12:40pm 5/11/11 12:40pm

Graff Luna: The Samurai Sword of Faucets

We are in the midst of a sink design Renaissance folks— crazy new designs » 8/28/08 8:30pm 8/28/08 8:30pm seem to pop up all the time. The latest comes to us via Graff in a form that bears more than a passing resemblance to a samurai sword. Plus, the faucet itself is 3 feet tall, so I wouldn't be surprised if visitors to your bathroom linger a bit…

Nokia's 8600 Luna has Smoked Glass, Hefty Pricetag

Nokia has just unveiled their latest phone, the 8600 Luna. It's unique in that its defining feature is glass … it's got a transparent smoked glass sliding mechanism that keeps the keypad visible when the phone is closed, with sexy results. » 5/31/07 11:49am 5/31/07 11:49am

Video: Nokia 8600 Hands-On

The lads over at T3 got their sticky hands on the Nokia 8600 Luna and got to see exactly how it feels. In case you don't remember, there's a 2-megapixel camera, 1GB internal storage, an OLED screen and a sliding body.

The stainless steel black back might make it look like something that belongs in Batman's arsenal,… » 5/29/07 4:20pm 5/29/07 4:20pm

New Nokia 8600 Details Posted on Carphone Warehouse Site

It's also known as the Luna and the Fashion High, but here's Nokia's 8600 in all its glory. UK retailer Carphone Warehouse posted a pic and details of the phone, describing it as "a handset with a distinctly fashionable feel." » 4/16/07 6:04am 4/16/07 6:04am

XtremeMac Luna Clock Radio Hands On: Pretty Face, Flawed Charms

XtremeMac Luna is a $150 alarm clock radio and iPod dock/audio system that calls itself revolutionary. We put it through its paces and found it to be a great performer in some areas and seriously weak in others. » 4/10/07 6:20pm 4/10/07 6:20pm

Futiro VoIP Phone a BeoCom2 Knock Off?

Looks like Futiro and B&O have been spending too much time together. The former's new VoIP phone looks too much like a miniature BeoCom2 and like most of B&O's gadgets is lacking in the features department. Sure, the Luna looks a little nicer than other VoIP phones out there, but it's got no wireless capability and… » 12/06/06 11:48am 12/06/06 11:48am

XtremeMac Luna Clock Radio: Packed with Customizable Features

The XtremeMac Luna clock radio lets you plug in your iPod via its dock connector, and then gradually fades down its music or your favorite radio station as you drift off to sleep, fading back up the next morning to wake you up. We're liking its ergonomic multifunction knobs that are easy to control in the dark,… » 11/24/06 8:23am 11/24/06 8:23am