Electric Lights Are Too Expensive—Why Not Brighten The Moon?

Think of all the power it takes to light up empty parking lots at night. Think of how annoying it can be when the sun goes down, yet you didn't finish all your work for the day. Think of how great it would be if we could just extend daytime, reduce the cost of lighting up all those empty streets and garages, and keep… »4/16/14 5:40pm4/16/14 5:40pm

NASA Chariot Lunar Rover Looks Like Something I Made With LEGOs When I Was 8

I can't say for certain how NASA comes up with its designs for lunar rovers, but my guess is that the LEGO Space system plays a big part in it. Today we're looking at Chariot, a 12-wheeled space SUV designed in 12 short months specifically for a proposed 2020 moon landing. »1/31/08 8:00pm1/31/08 8:00pm

Speaking of crablike motions, what ever…