Moon-Shaped Ice-Cream Sandwich Balls: Coming to a Freezer Near You

The only thing better than ice cream is ice cream with a gimmick. And since ice cream trucks are all actually sort of drugs vans in disguise (right?), and those Pikachu-faced Popsicles aren't even that tasty, please direct your attention to this new and very wonderful upgrade, coming straight from the guys who know… »10/03/12 8:30pm10/03/12 8:30pm

NASA's Ares 1 Rocket in Trouble Again: Could Crash Into Launch Tower

NASA »10/28/08 1:45pm10/28/08 1:45pm's Ares 1 rocket may be facing another large technological hurdle before it can take part in the future lunar missions: it's apparently in danger of banging into its own launch tower if the wind is up. Actually, the wind needs only be a gentle-sounding 12.7mph from the south-east to cause problems, and it's all to…

NASA Lunar Chariot Tested by NYT Earthling (Verdict: Best Rims in Outer Space)

NASA's Lunar Chariot, which costs a reported $2 million to build, has just been tested by the NYT. The top speed of 15 mph may not set tarmac on fire, but it sure as hell can burn a truckload of astro stuff, all with it's six-wheeled wackiness trailing closely behind. The front driving "turret" houses the primary… »3/30/08 6:00pm3/30/08 6:00pm

NASA Chariot Lunar Rover Looks Like Something I Made With LEGOs When I Was 8

I can't say for certain how NASA comes up with its designs for lunar rovers, but my guess is that the LEGO Space system plays a big part in it. Today we're looking at Chariot, a 12-wheeled space SUV designed in 12 short months specifically for a proposed 2020 moon landing. »1/31/08 8:00pm1/31/08 8:00pm

Speaking of crablike motions, what ever…

One of These Days, ATHLETE... Bang! Zoom! Straight to the Moon (Video)

ATHLETE, NASA's "All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer," was designed for lunar cargo hauling with expertise in hernia-free crouch and lift. A pair of cameras mounted on each of its six sides provide full stereoscopic panoramic view of the lunar surface. The small wheels are used on hard terrain, but they… »11/07/07 10:35am11/07/07 10:35am