These Metal Spiders Taught Astronauts to Land the Lunar Module on the Moon

October 30, 1964: What’s the best way to practice lunar landings when you’ve never been to the moon? With the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, of course! Although decidedly inelegant in appearance, astronauts relied on these engineering marvels for their practice. »10/28/15 2:40pm10/28/15 2:40pm


Stabilized video of the accident that almost killed Neil Armstrong

US Navy pilot, war veteran, aerospace engineer, astronaut and first man on the Moon Neil Armstrong was also an incredible test pilot, with 900 flights in experimental aircraft including the dangerous Lunar Landing Testing Vehicle. On May 6, 1968, he almost died flying one. This is the video of the crash. »6/11/14 8:43pm6/11/14 8:43pm

This Aluminum Mecha Taught Apollo Astronauts How to Land on the Moon

In the early 1960s, when the Apollo missions were underway and America was hellbent on reaching the moon, NASA researchers faced a nearly endless litany of technical hurdles and engineering obstacles nobody had even dreamed of up to that point. Chief among them: Once you shoot three guys across 238,900 miles across… »11/05/13 11:40am11/05/13 11:40am