The Secret Tobacco Companies Don't Want You to Know: There's Radiation…

Rat poison. Lighter fluid. Battery acid. Pesticides. And now...radiation. What do they all have in common? They're all rolled into one cancer causing cigarette. What's worse, tobacco companies have known that radiation was inside cigarettes but hid evidence of it for 4 decades. » 9/30/11 11:13am 9/30/11 11:13am

Cuba's Lung Cancer Vaccine Could Save Your Life

Cuba, famed maker of delicious (and cancery) cigars, may just have an anti-lung cancer vaccine that's worth getting excited about. CimaVax-EGF isn't preventative, but it may make this horrible deadly disease just a plain old horrible disease. » 9/08/11 12:26pm 9/08/11 12:26pm

Dogs Can Smell Cancer on Your Breath

Lung cancer is really hard to detect early. So some scientists in Germany put their best sniffer dogs on the task. And you won't believe this but it totally worked. » 8/17/11 7:00pm 8/17/11 7:00pm

New Breathalyzer Detects Lung Cancer

Breathalyzers have been around for years, letting cops determine just how drunk you were when you plowed into their parked car. But now, a new breathalyzer has been developed that can detect lung cancer. » 8/31/09 1:00pm 8/31/09 1:00pm

3-in-1 Cigarette Lighter, Air Purifier and Perfume Sprayer

Marketed as a "healthy smoking machine," this 3-in-1 gadget lights up your cigarettes then automatically "purifies" all the nasty smoke around you, all the while spraying the air with your favorite perfume. » 4/09/09 10:20pm 4/09/09 10:20pm