The History of the Pixar Logo Animation

Pixar's production logo—that animation sequence that pops up before a Pixar movie—is as iconic as they come. Who can't help but smile when they see cute little Luxo Jr. squash the I in Pixar and turn its bulb towards you. But the Pixar logo animation wasn't always so adorable, a few of Pixar's early shorts had much… » 9/12/13 10:45pm 9/12/13 10:45pm

If You Love Pixar, Please Dress Up Like This Human Luxo Jr. Lamp for…

I love Pixar. You love Pixar. Everyone who bleeds blood, inhales oxygen and has a soul loves Pixar. We all need to prove it and wear this Luxo Jr. Lamp for Halloween this year. It's just like the logo. This is so awesome. » 10/18/11 10:00pm 10/18/11 10:00pm

This Pixar Luxo Jr Lookalike Lamp Was Made With a Bicycle Chain

Take the Pixar Luxo Jr Lamp and then remix it with a recycled bicycle chain and what do you get? An incredibly cute lookalike lamp that can be bent and shaped in multiple directions. » 7/30/10 11:40pm 7/30/10 11:40pm

Pixar's Animatronic Luxo Jr. Melts Our Hearts in Live Action

Luxo Jr., the mascot of possibly the world's greatest film studio, Pixar, has been turned into an animatronic, real-life version that's remarkably smooth and lifelike. Well, as lifelike as a formerly-animated robot based on an old-school desk lamp can be. » 6/27/09 5:00pm 6/27/09 5:00pm

Robotic Luxo Jr. Lamp Is a Must on Every Pixar Fan Desk

Thinkway Toys's Pixar desk accessory/lamp/toy/thingamabob has a Luxo Jr. that moves and illuminates exactly like in the movie. As you can see in the video, you can activate it with a motion sensor and » 8/08/08 3:10pm 8/08/08 3:10pm a remote control, a key ring in the shape of the the ball. It's cool for a piece of plastic, but I wish it really was…

Mllamp Brings Luxo Jr. to Life

Kitchen Budapest's Mllamp project is out to give everyday items the ability to simulate emotions. As you can see from the video, a pair of lamps have been rigged to mimic human emotions. What those human emotions are, we're not sure. We just know that these lamps totally remind us of Pixar's mascot, Luxo Jr. [Kitchen… » 11/22/07 1:30pm 11/22/07 1:30pm