iPod Knockoff Maker Hires Knockoff Lawyers, Files Monopoly Suit Against Apple

Apparently emboldened by a minor, years-old success » 10/16/08 4:55am 10/16/08 4:55am against Apple's lawyers in Taiwan, iPod knockoff manufacturer Luxpro has decided to sue Apple, claiming that the company has monopolized the MP3 player market with a variety of unfair "schemes." Some of their arguments are somewhat compelling, namely when they bring…

Luxpro Wins Apple Lawsuit, Counter-Sues Over Shuffle Clone

In a patent lawsuit going on two years in the making, Taiwan DAP manufacturer Luxpro has won the case and retaliated by counter-suing Apple for $100 million. They are also preparing to ship their Super Tangent worldwide in 2007, too bad this style of Shuffle is old news. Oh, wondering who Luxpro is with their Shuffle… » 1/05/07 11:41am 1/05/07 11:41am