Parents Are Actually Trusting Their Kids To Ride-Sharing Services

You’re stuck at work, your spouse is out of town, your son is sick at school and your daughter is late for piano lessons. A few years ago, some sacrifices would have to be made-but now you just call a car-sharing service to haul your brats away! I mean, you’d trust this man to transport your kids, right? »8/20/15 11:20pm8/20/15 11:20pm

The FTC Wants Your Opinion On Airbnb, Uber and Lyft

Should cities treat Airbnb rentals like any other hotel room? What kind of insurance should Uber drivers carry to protect passengers? These are just some of the questions that the Federal Trade Commission will (probably) be discussing in an upcoming workshop exploring the so-called “sharing economy.” And it wants to… »4/17/15 11:48am4/17/15 11:48am

UberX in LA: It's Illegal. It's Great. It Needs to Stop.

Despite the fact that it's currently banned in Los Angeles, UberX is defiantly still up and running. I used it for the first time this weekend. This so-called ride-sharing service from San Francisco-based Uber Technologies is supposedly the future of cabs. Much like similar services Lyft and Sidecar, UberX seeks to… »7/01/13 7:20pm7/01/13 7:20pm

Sorry Uber, Los Angeles Has Been Banning Ride-Shares For a Century

This week the city of Los Angeles sent a cease-and-desist letter to ride-sharing app companies Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. The city and Los Angeles Yellow Cab claim that these services are "rogue taxis" that are "bypassing all safety regulations created to protect riders and drivers." But this isn't the first time that… »6/25/13 3:53pm6/25/13 3:53pm