These perfect GIFs seem extracted from an episode of the Twilight Zone

I read this series of animated GIFs by François Sola in two ways. The poetic way, where time stops so we can appreciate the details of a normal day in the subway stations of Lyon, France. And the it-creeps-me-out way, where some people have the power to stop time and move freely while others are completely frozen. »12/09/14 1:19am12/09/14 1:19am

Dance Like Kinect Is Watching: The Interactive LED Amphitheater

'Tis the season for outdoor music festivals—which, traditionally, means days of sliding over mud-slick fields in galoshes. But in Lyon, a group of designers and engineers dreamt up an alternative: a Kinect-powered interactive amphitheater that radiates light based on the footsteps of attendees. »6/17/13 11:18am6/17/13 11:18am