Apple Patents Lytro-Style Camera Technology for Refocusable Images

Apple was just awarded a patent for a "plenoptic" or light-field camera, much like the one that Lytro started selling a couple of years ago. This is the type of technology that enables you to refocus photos after you've taken them. It would also seriously take iPhone photography to the next level. » 11/26/13 9:51am 11/26/13 9:51am

Lytro Enables Wi-Fi and Launches a GIF Making App For iOS

Since launching in 2011 Lytro, a miniaturized light field camera, has steadily rolled out a number of updates and new colors. After all, not everything needs to be updated with a new model every year! And today the company is unlocking a new feature that's been hidden since day one: Wi-Fi. Oh, and they're releasing an… » 6/19/13 3:00pm 6/19/13 3:00pm

The 10 Most Important Gadgets of 2012

OK, 2012 wasn't the greatest year for tech, but it wasn't a total bust either. Wade through the glut of comically oversized phones, tiny tablets and fruit company refreshes, and you're bound to come across a few shiny needles in that crummy haystack. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 most important gadgets of… » 12/31/12 4:00pm 12/31/12 4:00pm

Toshiba Is Working On a Miniature Lytro Sensor For Your Smartphone

Imagine for a second that your smartphone could snap in-focus images every single time. Kind of like the Lytro camera you can buy today. While it might seem like a pipe dream, we might actually see it in the next two years thanks to Toshiba. » 12/27/12 8:45am 12/27/12 8:45am

That Crazy Innovative Lytro Camera Has Never Been Less Expensive

Lytro's innovative camera eschewed the megapixel wars and instead featured a new, focus-everywhere sensor technology. The light-field sensor in the Lytro is the only one of its kind, and as one of the few truly new technologies released in 2012, it's one of Gizmodo's most important gadgets of the year. Plus, they're… » 12/18/12 4:41pm 12/18/12 4:41pm

The 10 Most Important Cameras of 2012

This was a banner year for photo gear. We saw some of the most-anticipated camera refreshes in years (a new 5D, finally!) not to mention some groundbreaking technologies (that weird little Lytro!). Here's a rundown of this year's ten hottest cameras. » 12/05/12 6:30pm 12/05/12 6:30pm

Lytro Images Will Soon Have 3D Perspective Shift and Live Filters

» 11/15/12 6:30pm 11/15/12 6:30pm

Lytro's founder Ren Ng has always maintained that there was potential in light field photography far beyond the main refocusing trick that the Lytro Camera launched with. And when the latest Lytro desktop software update hits on December 4th, we'll get to see a couple more of those tricks: perspective shift and… » 11/15/12 6:30pm 11/15/12 6:30pm

3D Photos Are Coming to the Lytro Camera Really Soon

Lytro has long discussed plans to add 3D image capabilities into their Lytro Viewer software, but little has actually been put forth into the public spotlight. Engadget Chinese, however, got a sneak peek at the new Lytro Viewer software from a company spokesperson in Hong Kong. » 10/19/12 9:46am 10/19/12 9:46am

Lytro's Innovative Light Field Camera: Now With Manual Controls!

When the Lytro light field camera made its way into the hands of consumers earlier this year, it did something no camera had previously done: absorb all the light rays in its field of view, making it possible to refocus the image anywhere the photographer desired. But its controls were (perhaps intentionally)… » 10/09/12 11:00am 10/09/12 11:00am

Lytro Light Field Camera: This Is What New Feels Like

It isn't very often we encounter technology that is really, truly new. PCs, cellphones, the Internet, multitouch. Those all changed our world when they were first introduced. Not to overstate it, but Lytro may well be the latest member of that clique. The selling point is simple: you no longer have to worry about… » 3/02/12 5:35pm 3/02/12 5:35pm

Lytro Teardown Reveals Its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capabilities

The focus-free Lytro camera is so good that Steve Jobs reportedly wanted to roll the technology into the iPhone. Though it's not quite ready for sale yet, a teardown has revealed that the camera is capable of communicating via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. » 2/09/12 8:55am 2/09/12 8:55am