Report: HTC's Flagship Phone Might Get a New Name, Camera, and Processor

December usually brings a dearth of smartphones to fawn over. Most companies want your attention and wallets focused on what already exists, but that doesn't mean the rumor mills are completely silent. A new batch of speculation from @upleaks details unconfirmed specs of HTC's upcoming flagship. » 12/04/14 1:18pm 12/04/14 1:18pm

Creative Strips FM from Zen Vision:M, Adam Carolla Fans Devastated

Bowing to RIAA pressure, Creative's released a new firmware update that removes FM recording functionality from already-released Zen Vision:M players. If users are retarded obedient enough to update, the firmware will also add Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish language support as well as adding a few more rating… » 10/17/06 7:31pm 10/17/06 7:31pm