Amateur astronomers and NASA capture galaxy eating another galaxy

NASA has published this image showing the M51 spiral galaxy—located 30 million light years away from Earth—eating a tiny galaxy like a hamster would it a tiny burrito, which you can see on its upper left.* It was obtained using data from the Chandra X-Ray space observatory and optical data from amateur telescopes on… »4/30/14 7:54pm4/30/14 7:54pm

France Gets New Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, World Exclaims "Merde!"

Click to view »11/24/08 11:15am11/24/08 11:15amWhat you see here is the new M51 nuclear ballistic missile literally getting out of the swimming pool. For some reason, the French military—like everyone else, really—thinks that it is a good idea to spend five billion dollars developing new and more effective methods to destroy the planet as the world…