M-Audio's MicroTrack II Digital Audio Recorder: Rock Star Quality at a Garage Band Price

The new MicroTrack II from M-Audio gives musicians everything they need to record music on the go. The handheld device features 2-channel WAV (BWF) and MP3 recording and playback and can copy files directly to CompactFlash cards or microdrives. There are also two 1/4-inch TRS inputs for your gear, 48V phantom-powered… »11/29/07 6:40pm11/29/07 6:40pm


M-Audio Session Music Producer USB Mic With On-Board Headphone Jack

M-Audio's latest Session Music Producer USB Microphone for Windows supposedly has a slight edge over similar mics, embedding an on-board headphone jack, bypassing your computer so you can get feedback latency down to just about zero. The USB Mic is undoubtedly compatible with other M-Audio products, and bundles… »9/20/07 1:50pm9/20/07 1:50pm

M-Audio Stereophile AV20, AV30, AV40 Speakers: For Musicians and Normal Folks Alike

M-audio just gave me a bitchin' lap dance and at the same time showed off a new line of studio monitors (speakers) under the Studiophilie moniker. The three models—the AV20 ($99), AV30 ($129) and AV40 ($149)—cater to different needs. The AV20 feature a 2-inch woofer and a tweeter, something similar speakers from rival… »1/08/07 4:50pm1/08/07 4:50pm