Leica M Monochrom Hands-On: A Crazy One-Of-A-Kind Camera

I was invited to the new Leica store in SoHo to check out some of their latest gear this week. I knew about their compact offerings, the X2 and D-Lux 6, so I knew what I was getting myself into. But there was one product that called out to me, something completely unique among all current digital cameras. The M… »2/08/13 2:40pm2/08/13 2:40pm


Leica M Monochrom Only Shoots in Black and White and That's Awesome

Leica's Latest addition to the M series of cameras is a bit different from the ones which came before it: the M Monochrom only shoots pictures in black and white. The $8000 full-frame camera is fully intended for enthusiasts and/or those with a bottomless bank account, and aims to explore the benefits of having a… »5/10/12 3:49pm5/10/12 3:49pm