Dell XPS M1710 Blu-ray Edition Photo Tour

Prior to this morning, Sony's VAIO AR notebooks had the privilege of being the only Blu-ray-capable laptops out there. Now, Dell is strong-arming its way past Sony with its powerful, fire-engine red XPS M1710 notebook. We've already given you our first impressions and shown you what's under the hood, so now we're… » 12/11/06 3:19pm 12/11/06 3:19pm

First Look: Dell XPS M1710 with Blu-ray

Just when you thought they couldn't get any better, Dell has given its XPS M1710 a big shot of botox. As of this morning, the Media Center laptops have been fitted with Blu-ray drives giving the 17-inch gaming machines a high-def kick in the ass. Alongside their newfound HD capabilities (they pack a gorgeous… » 12/11/06 9:01am 12/11/06 9:01am