Hands on Dell's Sick XPS M1730 Gaming Laptop

Overclocked to 3.2GHz, Dell's XPS M1730 gaming laptop is a smoking machine, listing from $2,999 to a "You have a serious gaming problem" price of $4,486, and we got a hands on at its official unveiling at DigitalLife. » 9/27/07 3:59pm 9/27/07 3:59pm

Dell XPS M1730 Laptops Are High End, Multi-Colored Gaming Machines

Here's some leaked photos of Dell's higher-end gaming laptop. The M1730 XPS laptops not only come in four colors—"Karmosin Red", Sapphire Blue, Bone White and Smoke Grey—but feature a gigantic shell, Core 2 Duo processors, NVidia GeForce Go 8700M GT graphics cards, Blu-ray drives, and 4GB worth of ram inside. These… » 8/28/07 3:21pm 8/28/07 3:21pm