AfterShokz Sportz M2 Review: Decent Sounding Headphones, No Ears…

The idea of AfterShokz headphones seemed sweet—the bone conduction sports headphones could pump music through your cheekbones instead of your ears. But the original headphones sounded pretty weak, and they came in fourth place in our Best Running Headphones Battlemodo. Now the second generation is here, with a claimed… » 1/02/13 4:20pm 1/02/13 4:20pm

A Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower Fall in Love, and a Deadly Weapon Is…

The M2 flamethrower utilized by Allied forces during WWII proved to be a devastatingly effective weapon against bunkers—and Axis psyches. However, walking around a firefight with a napalm-filled backpack and an effective range of 20m is a great way to become a crispy critter. So the US military developed the M202… » 8/01/12 11:30am 8/01/12 11:30am

Pay More Attention to the Back of Your Monitor

Don't rest your monitor on magazines, books and bricks—it's an accident waiting to happen. Turn your 17" Dell into a design feature with the Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm, which has triumphed at the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards. » 7/14/10 6:07am 7/14/10 6:07am

Brando iMono Memory Card Readers Offer Sub-Pocket Sized Convenience

These tiny iMono Card Readers from Brando are so small you might even lose them in your pocket if they didn't have keychains attached, but they come in three different versions that accommodate your choice of T-Flash/MicroSD memory cards, M2 or miniSD cards, and all three can read SIM cards from your cellphone. » 3/14/07 10:28am 3/14/07 10:28am

iSymphony M1 iPod Dock with Attached Boombox

Maybe it should be the other way around? Regardless the iSymphony M1 is a gem in a sea of crap iPod docks. This jobber stands out because it includes docking for all iPod models, including the Shuffle. Not down wit' da' 'pod? No problem. The iSymphony M3 also has a card reader along with a standard CD/MP3-CD player.… » 11/28/06 2:13pm 11/28/06 2:13pm

Sony Busts Out the Cyber-shot M2

A lot of digicam freaks have been waiting for the M2 to drop and finally, it's out. So what's the big deal? It's got a sexy aluminum case. As for still shots, it does 5.1MP which isn't bad at all, and has a Pocket
Album mode which allows you to store 1,100 VGA-quality stills on the internal memory. It packs a 2.5 inch… » 9/13/05 9:54am 9/13/05 9:54am