Dell's XPS M2010 Media Center Remote Is Pretty Neat

The one feature of that huge Dell XPS M2010 LapDeskTop that hasn't been talked about is the Media Center Edition remote that ships with it. Instead of RF, IR or WiFi, this remote uses wireless USB that connects to connect with the M2010. » 7/18/06 2:55pm 7/18/06 2:55pm

Dell XPS M2010 LapDeskTop

Dell has released their latest desktop laptop desktop laptop—hell, I don't know what it is. The M2010 has a 20-inch screen and has a somewhat non-laptop look when open, but then the screen flips town and the M2010 becomes instantly portable with a built in handle. » 5/31/06 2:18pm 5/31/06 2:18pm