Polar's A300 Is a Solid Fitness Tracker You Shouldn't Buy

Polar has come a long way since its first fitness tracker, the Polar Loop, launched in 2013. Just months ago the Finnish company released the Polar M400, a lovely and capable GPS running watch with 24/7 fitness tracking capabilities. It was sweet enough to earn a coveted spot on our Best Fitness Trackers list. Today,… »1/03/15 12:00pm1/03/15 12:00pm


Toshiba's M400 Tablet PC Reviewed (Verdict: Solid But Could Improve)

Toshiba New Zealand let Craig Pringle take their new M400 Tablet PC out for a spin last month and he's posted a detailed hands-on review on his blog, complete with photos. Pringle says he's been using mostly tablets for the past year so he should know what he's talking about; he's pleased with the M400 overall, even… »3/02/06 5:05pm3/02/06 5:05pm