Gatekeeper, Sandboxing and the Evolution of OS X Apps

Since personal computers became a thing, we've always been free to install any app we like as long as the code was compatible on a very basic level. No approval processes. No regulation. OS X has been no exception. But this week, two things happened in Appleland that could change that entirely. The introduction of OS… » 2/17/12 5:50pm 2/17/12 5:50pm

The Mac App Store Tops 100 Million Downloads

Apple has announced that its Mac App Store has provided 100 million downloads since it was launched, just under a year ago. While that sounds impressive, remember that the iOS store shifts almost a billion apps a month, so it's got some way to go yet. [Apple; Image: Shutterstock] » 12/12/11 9:15am 12/12/11 9:15am

If You Really Want Instagram on Your Mac, You Can Pay 5 Bucks for…

Instagram is the lovely. Sadly though, it's really only available on your iPhone. With Carousel, you can peep Instagram on your Mac. » 9/08/11 4:00pm 9/08/11 4:00pm

Skitch for OS X: Creating Screenshots Has Never Been So Fun

Skitch for OS X has been around for so long you might have it on your computer and not even know it. But that doesn't change the fact that it pretty much murders the standard OS X screenshot snapper. » 8/16/11 6:07pm 8/16/11 6:07pm

iSwifter Heroically Wants To Replace Flash With HTML5 On Your Mac

I've really started to hate Flash. It either slows down or breaks everything on my PC. So Mac users should be happy to hear that iSwifter, the app that lets iOS users play with Flash content, could soon be replacing Flash on their computers. » 7/26/11 4:40pm 7/26/11 4:40pm

You Can Download OS X Lion Right Now

Although it's (weirdly?) not a "featured app," OS X Lion is indeed now available for download from the Mac App Store. The 3.5GB download will cost you $30, and upgrades your Mac with over 250 new features—some of which you may be just as happy without. » 7/20/11 8:56am 7/20/11 8:56am

Confirmed: OS X Lion Hits Mac App Store Shelves Tomorrow

According to Apple's Peter Oppenheimer, speaking on today's earnings call, Mac OS X Lion—as rumored—will go on sale tomorrow. You'll be able to pick it up in Apple Stores or download it at the Mac App store for $30. Unless, uh, you'd rather take a pass. » 7/19/11 5:16pm 7/19/11 5:16pm

Apple Products Are Taking Over Our Schools

While we were loathe to even mention Apple's lame, revamped back-to-school promotion in June, the rest of the country saw the deal as too good to pass up. Apple products are simply killing it in schools, people, killing it. » 7/10/11 10:00am 7/10/11 10:00am

Apple's Back to School Deal Is Worse than Going Back to School

School's out, but soon summer will end and many of you will be trapped in classrooms, your brains forcibly stuffed with education. Most years, Apple's got a little consumer treat for you: a free iPod or something! Not this time. » 6/16/11 9:28am 6/16/11 9:28am

iOS and Mac App Store Outages Could be iCloud Related

Reports of outages in the iOS and Mac App Stores have been occurring all day, leading some to speculate that adjustments for iCloud integration are in place. [MacRumors] » 6/02/11 5:52pm 6/02/11 5:52pm

Opera Now Available in Mac App Store, and Hilariously Responds to Being…

Oops, someone at Apple must've been a bit too quick to check the "17 and above" box when adding the Opera browser to the Mac App Store. Luckily Opera took it with good humor, saying "seventeen is very young, and I am not sure if, at that age, people are ready to use such an application. It's very fast, you know, and… » 3/03/11 7:35am 3/03/11 7:35am

Kindle for Mac Now Available On App Store

Stuck reading those books on paperback, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Windows PC or Kindle? Load up your newly-downloaded Mac App Store, and check out the Kindle app. It's more of the same, sure, but Amazon's now endorsing their "buy once, read anywhere" motto so at least you'll be able to finish reading… » 1/11/11 4:40am 1/11/11 4:40am

Apple Mac App Store Sees One Million Downloads in 24 Hours

Not exactly surprising, but there you have it—the 1,000 apps on the Mac App Store were downloaded one million times in the first day. The most popular? Another non-surprise: Angry Birds. » 1/07/11 9:16am 1/07/11 9:16am

Mac App Store Cracked Open for Piracy

The Mac App Store's security has been cracked. This means that, by installing a software called Kickback, you will be able to pirate any applications in the store. However, the crack will not be available until February 2011, according to Dissident: » 1/06/11 7:01pm 1/06/11 7:01pm

Angry Birds Slingshots Way to Top of Mac App Store's Sales

With the dawn of a new app store comes news of another Angry Birds success. Yes, yes, Angry Birds is officially the most-downloaded game on the Mac App Store, but for $5? Really? [BusinessInsider] » 1/06/11 12:25pm 1/06/11 12:25pm

Apple's Mac App Store Now Live With 1,000 Apps

Apple kept to their 90-days word—it's January 6th, and the Mac App Store is ready for your custom. There's over 1,000 apps—both free and paid-for—for Macs, with all that's needed is Snow Leopard and an iTunes account. » 1/06/11 8:42am 1/06/11 8:42am

Rumor: Mac App Store Launching Tomorrow at Noon EST

The Loop is reporting that Apple's Mac App Store will launch at 12p EST (9a EST) tomorrow. The January 6 launch date has more or less been confirmed by multiple reports, but Jim Dalrymple has sources telling him that Apple will flip the switch when they begin their work day on the West Coast. The Mac App Store will… » 1/05/11 3:59pm 1/05/11 3:59pm

Cydia Will Take On the Mac App Store, Too

Cydia: it's everyone's favorite path to those juicy jailbroken iOS apps Apple wants to keep from you. And its curators are taking the show to Macs, offering an alternative to the Mac App Store. But... uh... why? » 12/13/10 4:07pm 12/13/10 4:07pm

Counter Rumor: Mac App Store Actually Launching in January 2011

Rumors have been swirling that the Mac App Store would launch as early as next week. But The Loop's Jim Dalrymple has sources telling him it wont happen until January, which is still within Steve Jobs' promised launch window of 90 days. I Guess we'll find out in a few days time. [The Loop] » 12/09/10 12:36am 12/09/10 12:36am

Apple's Mac App Store to Launch Next Week?

Apple's promised 90 days deadline for the Mac App Store is approaching, but people-in-the-know are claiming developers have been informed to get them ready for this week, with the actual launch scheduled for the 13th of December. [Appletell via Macrumors] » 12/06/10 7:00am 12/06/10 7:00am