New Mac Mini Torn Down and Benchmarked: Ivy Bridge Kicks Ass

The folks at Mac Mini Vault have benchmarked and torn down the new Mac Minis. The Mac Mini's $600, 2.5GHz Core i5 Ivy Bridge configuration racked up a Geekbench score of 7433 straight out of the box. That's impressive considering last year's Sandy Bridge i5 Mac Mini refresh has a standing average of 6323 on the… » 10/24/12 4:42pm 10/24/12 4:42pm

Apple Event Round-Up: iPad Mini, iPad 4, Ultra-Thin iMac, and So Much More

The iPad Mini may have the headliner at today's Apple event, but Tim Cook and Co. filled out the afternoon with a very impressive undercard. Heck, the iPad Mini wasn't even the only new iPad—or Mini—announced today. Here's everything you need to know about all the newest Apple gear: » 10/23/12 4:59pm 10/23/12 4:59pm

What Apple Didn't Announce Yesterday—And Why It Matters

Apple dropped a lot of shiny new products and some gorgeous software to drool over at yesterday's action-packed WWDC keynote. Among them, a beautiful new retina display MacBook Pro, refreshed MacBook Airs, Mountain Lion OS X, and iOS 6, along with a few other goodies that didn't necessarily warrant an explicit… » 6/12/12 10:53am 6/12/12 10:53am