How to Optimize Your Mac for Gaming

You may not immediately think "gaming" when you think "Mac," but there are tons of games for the Mac these days, and some of the most popular PC games are also available for OS X. Let's take a look at a few ways to make those games run as smoothly as possible. » 10/25/13 8:25am 10/25/13 8:25am

Someone Installed Mac OS on a Nook Simple Touch eReader

Technology today is all Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion and Tablets and Retina Displays. So it's always fun to see someone paying tribute to the technology of old, just because. In this case, it's a brave soul who installed a 16-year-old verson of Mac OS 7 on a Nook Simple Touch, answering the question nobody asked:… » 6/17/12 6:00pm 6/17/12 6:00pm

Go Get Your OS X Lion Dev Preview Now

Along with a handful of supafast MacBook Pros, Apple also dropped a developer preview of OS X Lion this morning. The release combines a dash of iPad and a dash of Mac OS, and will be available to the general public this summer. Members of the Mac Developer Program, though, can pick up their advanced copy today at the… » 2/24/11 8:57am 2/24/11 8:57am

Flash On Mac Just Got More Tolerable

Adobe may have stopped bothering with iPhones, but they certainly didn't hesitate to finally give us a tolerable Flash video experience on Macs by incorporating Apple's new video acceleration API in a Flash Player preview release dubbed "Gala." » 4/28/10 10:40pm 4/28/10 10:40pm

Why Flash On Mac Is About To Get Much Less Terrible

Running Flash on Mac OS is, in a word, miserable. It's slow, resource-sucking and crashy, compared to Windows. Which is why Apple's new video acceleration API—which Adobe plans to use in upcoming versions of Flash—is great news. » 4/24/10 12:00pm 4/24/10 12:00pm