iChat Video is Awesome, But Not Always 100% Clean (Video NSFW)

Click to viewWe've been playing with iChat Video chat and screen sharing and it's pretty fantastic—when we can get it to work. So far, it's failed to connect half the time, and the other half of the time it works perfectly. (Keep in mind this is day one, so we'll update as we find out more.) The below shot is an… »10/26/07 5:50pm10/26/07 5:50pm

Man on the Street: Are Normal People Looking Forward to Leopard?

Our man Richard Blakeley went down to the Apple store and interrogated New Yorkers about the new OS (huh? Apple's got a new OS?). It seems that people actually know about Leopard, even though they're not exactly sure what it does. We just hope the new FEEENDER improvements help that poor man with his FEEENDER. Video… »10/26/07 5:00pm10/26/07 5:00pm

Ten Things You Should Know Before You Upgrade to Mac OS X Leopard

Click to viewThose of you who haven't been poring over all of Mac OS X Leopard's feature list (because you actually have lives) probably only know a few things about it. There's this new backup software...and...some iChat stuff? That's where we come in. We distill all the features down to ten points to help you decide… »10/26/07 3:26pm10/26/07 3:26pm