Microsoft's "Vista Doesn't Suck" Ad Campaign Thinks Everyone Remembers The 15th Century

Either that or their agency just really loves Thomas Friedman. Anyhow, Microsoft's $300 million campaign to return fire after Apple's "Mac vs. PC" ads with our buddy John Hodgman-which, like it or not, were a wildly successful campaign and definitely helped shape the public's perception of Vista-has begun with this… » 7/22/08 9:30am 7/22/08 9:30am

MacBook Pro Fastest Windows Laptop? Not So Fast

"The fastest Windows notebook we tested this year is a Mac," writes PC World about the MacBook Pro after it scored an 88 on its WorldBench 6 Beta 2 benchmark. Only problem is, it looks like that same publication reviewed a Eurocom D900C Phantom-X laptop that achieved a better score on that same benchmark, a 97… » 12/07/07 9:57am 12/07/07 9:57am

Adwatch: Novell Tries Its Hand at Mac vs. PC Spots, Flogging Linux With a Babe

Novell decided to jump on the Mac vs. PC parody bandwagon, with the zillionth imitation of those spots. But now they bring Linux into the equation, represented by an attractive young lady. While she is quite eye-catching, we would like to have seen a hotter babe to go along with the indescribable beauty of Ubuntu,… » 3/23/07 12:39pm 3/23/07 12:39pm