Macally PowerLink is Flash drive, Sync Cable, Emergency Juice for iPod, iPhone

You know how it is: you're camping in the wild, and your iPhone suddenly runs out of juice, just as you get bored stiff with the music selection you've got aboard it. Previously you'd've had to carry a bunch of stuff around to sort this out, but Macally's PowerLink has come to the rescue. With USB plug on one end and… »7/14/08 12:20pm7/14/08 12:20pm

Macally FlexTune Dock Holds iPhone Sideways For Video Without the Neck Strain

Most iPod docks think vertically: iPod slides in, charging and playing in the most upright of fashions. But Macally's new FlexTune dock gives you two 30-pin choices, one centered old-school towards the bottom, and one off to the right, so that you can clamp in your iPhone or iPod touch to view video the way God… »1/15/08 8:47am1/15/08 8:47am