Apple Patents Non-Exploding Batteries

Apple products are really pretty, so it's quite a shame when they explode. More than once. So I'd say this patent for non-exploding batteries is definitely a move in the right direction. » 5/26/11 7:40pm 5/26/11 7:40pm

Last Day to Buy HyperMac's External MacBook Batteries (With Cords)

At midnight tonight, HyperMac will shutter shop and re-open as HyperJuice "in the coming weeks." This is, of course, due to Apple getting all legal on their use of patent-defying MagSafe connectors, but HyperMac is hopeful something can be arranged. » 11/01/10 6:30am 11/01/10 6:30am

HyperMac Pulling Plug on MacBook Charging Cables

This is why we can't have nice (allegedly patent-infringing) things! After drawing legal heat from Apple for its MagSafe connectors, HyperMac has announced that they'll stop selling their MacBook charging cables and car chargers on November 2nd. But there's hope! » 10/18/10 8:45am 10/18/10 8:45am