MSI Wind Modded Into a 'MacBook Mini' Using LEDs, Tin Foil

Ohmigod, it's a MacBook Mini! Oh, wait, no it's not. It's a cheap MSI Wind clone with a fake Mac backing on it, put together with dremel, six white LEDs, tape and aluminum foil. Impressive, but not quite what people have been waiting for. But hey, nice work nonetheless! I'm sure it works to fool people in coffee… » 10/02/08 1:30pm 10/02/08 1:30pm

AppleInsider Says Apple Ultra-Portable 13" Laptop at Macworld

We've heard rumblings about that ultra-portable 13-inch notebook on its way from Apple for a while now, but now AppleInsider says it'll finally be rolled out at the MacWorld Expo and Conference in the middle of January. Because an optical disc will be reportedly omitted from the design, the new Mac book will be 50%… » 11/12/07 11:49am 11/12/07 11:49am