MacBook Air-Like Update to MacBook Pro Line Expected (Again)

It doesn't seem fair that the MacBook Air line has several features over the MacBook Pro (sleek profile; USB ports on both sides; higher-res screen...). A major design refresh to the Pro line, the first in three years, has been bandied about for months now, but according to Japanese site Macotakara, Apple's definitely… » 10/31/11 7:15am 10/31/11 7:15am

Does This Secret Apple Store Employee Meeting Mean iPad 2 Is Looming?

According to Apple Insider, Apple's scheduled a meeting later this week with all of its retail employees, asking each of them to sign non-disclosure agreements in advance. That's standard operating procedure when there's a major product announcement ahead. So what's on the horizon? » 2/22/11 10:56am 2/22/11 10:56am

Apple SKUs Turn Up On Canadian Best Buy System Purportedly Showing…

A Canadian Best Buy spy has sent us an image of some dummy Apple SKUs showing up on their system, and while we can't confirm it's legit, it comes rather soon after the last round. » 2/17/10 6:51am 2/17/10 6:51am

Placeholder SKUs Show Up in Best Buy's Inventory in Preparation for…

A while back, MacBook Pro SKUs mysteriously disappeared from Best Buy's inventory system. We thought that this could be signaling that the long-awaited MacBook Pro refresh is finally near. » 2/15/10 9:10pm 2/15/10 9:10pm

Best Buy's MacBook Pro SKUs Go Missing, Might Mean Core i5 Refresh Soon

The upcoming i5 MacBook Pro refresh might be closer than we thought, with TUAW discovering that Best Buy emptied their systems of the current version. Since they're not likely to go MacBook-less for long, that points to soon. [TUAW] » 2/08/10 8:46pm 2/08/10 8:46pm