Apple Is Quietly Repairing MacBook Pros With Faulty Video for Free

PSA: Apple has launched a repair program for MacBook Pros from 2011 to 2013 displaying video problems. People with video issues who have the affected models can get them fixed for free, and people who already paid to get their laptops fixed can get a refund. This includes MacBooks with scrambled video, video that… » 2/20/15 10:10am 2/20/15 10:10am

Best Buy Is Recalling Thousands of MacBook Pro Batteries Over Fire Risk

Best Buy is recalling 5,100 third-party replacement MacBook Pro batteries after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 13 separate cases in which the batteries caught fire, at least one of which caused serious injury. » 6/19/13 4:47pm 6/19/13 4:47pm

Why the Unemployed Need MacBooks

What is it that the unemployed need more than anything to get back on their feet? The Onion's panel of experts (mostly) agrees: Apple products. The worst part? Somewhere, someone without a job probably is plunking down a cool grand on a MacBook Pro refurb because learning graphic design is the only way out of his… » 4/19/11 10:00pm 4/19/11 10:00pm

Apple Patents More Five-Finger Gestures and Chargers With Built-In…

The latest pair of Apple patents to make the rounds actually look like two that could be realistically implemented sooner than later: one for a charger with an integrated battery pack, and one for more five-finger gestures in OS X. » 3/31/11 9:34pm 3/31/11 9:34pm

Is This Why the 13-Inch MacBook Pro Display Didn't Improve?

With last month's MacBook Pro refresh, one question that lingered was why the 13-inch MacBook Pro was still stuck with the same mediocre screen resolution. From Quora, a possible solution! One similar to why the iPad 2 didn't get a resolution bump: Apple's holding out for retina displays to make things easier on… » 3/07/11 5:10pm 3/07/11 5:10pm

Why the New MacBook Pros Have Shorter Battery Life

The new MacBooks are here, with blazing fast processors and monster GPUs. But one spec seemingly went backwards: the battery life shrunk from 10 hours on previous models to 7 hours on the new ones. What gives? » 2/24/11 10:24am 2/24/11 10:24am

Apple Store is Down: Expect Some MacBook Pros Shortly

Right on cue, Apple's online store has gone down. That means we can expect some hot new products when it goes back some MacBook Pros, perchance? [Apple - Thanks, everyone who emailed us!] » 2/24/11 5:50am 2/24/11 5:50am

Apple Slows Down MacBook Pro Sales Until After Rumored Refresh

Adding further weight to the rumor that Apple's about to release some new MacBook Pro models (with high-speed connection functionality?), they've now put all new orders on a 3-5 day wait. You can wait until Thursday, right? Because you'll feel like a darned fool if you don't. [9to5Mac] » 2/21/11 3:40am 2/21/11 3:40am

Is Apple Ditching Nvidia's Discrete Graphics In the Next MacBook Pros?

Apple has long-preferred Nvidia graphics in its MacBook Pros to Intel's integrated solution, even engineering their own graphics-switching technology to squeeze Nvidia in. But after the upcoming release of Intel's next-gen Sandy Bridge processor, those days may be over. » 12/09/10 8:36am 12/09/10 8:36am

Yes, the Apple Store is Down

The speculation will soon be over—is Apple about to unleash a new 27" 16:9 Cinema Display, faster iMacs, sleeker Mac Pros or even a Magic Trackpad? [Apple] » 7/27/10 6:39am 7/27/10 6:39am

LEAK: Specs on Apple's New 'High Resolution' MacBook Pros

According to information gathered by AppleInsider, not only will new MacBook Pros hitting later today each come with new processors and a 4GB RAM minimum—the models will also include three (rather than two) types of screens: » 4/13/10 7:53am 4/13/10 7:53am

Apple Store Down, New MacBook Pros Today?

It's Tuesday, MacBook Pros have been rumored for months now, we've seen suspicious activity at retailers such as Best's all pointing in one direction. A new iPod Shuffle. No really, could it be new MacBooks? Stay tuned. [Apple] » 4/13/10 6:44am 4/13/10 6:44am

New MacBook Pros Can Boot From Their Internal SD Slot

Aside from photo transfers and straight up storage expansion, the SD card slot in the new MacBook Pros has a single, extremely cool trick up its sleeve (slot?): it's bootable. » 6/10/09 1:00pm 6/10/09 1:00pm