Apple Releases Firmware Fix for MacBook Trackpad Seizures

Hot off of software update is a firmware fix for those glitchy trackpads in the new MacBooks that would completely stop responding after a certain number of clicks. We never had problems with our trackpad, so it's hard to tell if it makes everything better, but the dead plant left outside my window did magically come… »11/17/08 5:14pm11/17/08 5:14pm


Stevemail Promises Software Fix for Glitchy MacBook Trackpads

A growing mass of people have been reporting »11/05/08 11:59am11/05/08 11:59am that the omni-button trackpads on the new MacBooks are glitchy—every 50 or so clicks, the trackpad will stop responding for a few seconds at a time, even to hard clicks. Whether it's a hardware or software issue hasn't been officially confirmed by Apple, but a supposed…