MacGyver Bot Learns To Repurpose Random Objects as Tools

The robots in use around the world today are built for very specific purposes. Industrial arms can assemble cars, and Roomba can vacuum your home. But researchers at Georgia Tech hope that one day they could do more, to the point of using other tools and objects to handle any number of tasks. Like a cyborg version of… »10/09/12 6:40pm10/09/12 6:40pm

Dealzmodo Hack: Accessorize Your iPod/iPhone Like MacGyver

The ubiquity of iPods has led to a ridiculous glut of accessories, some useful, most not. The best of them have essentially become a seamless part of the iPod experience, but they'll all cost you — and it really starts to add up. The expansion of the iPod universe, however, is twofold; more official products are… »11/20/08 12:40pm11/20/08 12:40pm

Luxury Leatherman Costs $40,000 (For When MacGyver Stays at the Ritz)

Let's say MacGyver, or some other other gadget-loving, outdoorsy nut, finds themselves trapped in the deadly confines of a five-star luxury hotel like the Ritz-Carlton. Room service is unavailable; the concierge could only procure balcony seats for the opera; and the champagne is most definitely Korbel, not Cristal.… »8/03/08 11:00am8/03/08 11:00am

Quote: Would a Modern Day MacGyver Still Use a Swiss Army Knife?

While yesterday's revelation at Maker Faire by MacGyver creator and real-life inspiration Lee D. Zlotoff that a MacGyver blockbuster was in the works was a pretty sweet surprise, we followed up by asking him perhaps the most pressing MacGyver question of all: Would a modern day MacGyver still use a Swiss Army knife? [ »5/04/08 7:35pm5/04/08 7:35pm

MacGyver Mouse Has Numpad, Laser Pointer, Toothpaste, Underpants, Gallon of Freon, Detonator

Want to exit a presentation with the maximum amount of casualties possible? Check out this MacGyver mouse from Korea, which is actually a mouse, but also holds a numpad on top and a laser pointer on the side. Being thin and square is pretty much one of the worst possible shapes a mouse can be, but the fact that it's a… »9/13/07 6:00pm9/13/07 6:00pm