MacHeads Documentary Now Available on iTunes/Amazon

If you were interested in checking out MacHeads, a documentary that looks a lot like Trekkies with Apple products, it's now available for rental and purchase on iTunes and Amazon VOD. [iTunes and Amazon] » 1/27/09 3:20pm 1/27/09 3:20pm

MacHEADS: The Movie Interview

Kobi Shely and his brother Ron are obsessed with Apple, but they don't camp out in line for the latest "i" product. Where as most Apple followers are excited by iMacs, iPhones or even the occasional Newton, Kobi and Ron are more fans of the fanboys— intrigued by the "Macheads." MacHEADS: The Movie is their half-funny,… » 5/26/08 11:00am 5/26/08 11:00am

MacHeads the Movie Trailer Shocks, Revolts, Intrigues Us

If you thought we were Apple fanboys, you might want to check out this video and readjust your fanboy dial. It's a real trailer for a real movie called MacHeads the Movie » 1/22/08 12:53pm 1/22/08 12:53pm, which apparently features real insane Apple users emoting for the camera about how Macs changed their lives. They even talked to such Mac…