MacIntel vs. Wintel

Now that the average Joe—you know who you are—can load XP on their Macs, let the benchmarking begin. Macologist ran about five million tests on similar and disparate machines and the MacBooks and iMacs consistently kept their heads above water. They didn't really run a summary paragraph, but all the numbers are there.… » 4/14/06 4:36pm 4/14/06 4:36pm

MacIntels Not To Boot Vista?

Microsoft has just announced some potentially devastating news. Well, devastating to those folks who wanted to be able to boot Windows on their Intel-based Macs. Contrary to earlier assumptions, Microsoft Vista, the company s next major operating system, will not support EFI, the method used by MacIntels during boot… » 3/13/06 8:31am 3/13/06 8:31am

Power User - The Best of Lifehacker

This week at Lifehacker: Free your iPod from the shackles of iTunes. Witness operating system multiple personality disorder on a real live ThinkPad dual-booting Windows and Mac OS X. Scare your cat and get in shape with a sledgehammer and a sweater. Finally, master the art of portable computing with some tried and… » 2/01/06 12:30pm 2/01/06 12:30pm

MacIntel Dual Boot? Fer Real? Not So Much

Looks like an intrepid haxor has dumped Vista on a MacBook by fooling Vista into thinking that the MacBook has a BIOS in there somewhere. The instructions are kind of convoluted but we encourage you to try this at home and confirm that it works. No screenshots, unfortunately. » 1/30/06 11:05am 1/30/06 11:05am

MacIntel Tested In the Wild

ZDNet UK got their paws on OS X for x86 machines and basically is acting like the monkeys that discover the monolith and learn to use tools. That's not really all that bad, but it's amusing. They go through the whole process—2 hour install, partitioning fun, and the magic of Sherlock—to come to the conclusion that OS… » 11/11/05 10:05am 11/11/05 10:05am

Apple C&Ds MacIntel Sites

Apple is outraged—outraged!—at the sites purporting to show how to install OS X for Intel chips on Sony Vaios. The thieving hobbitses that cracked OS X and posted a torrent will pay with a sternly-worded letter from Apple's lawyers and may EVEN RECEIVE ANOTHER ONE if they don't remove all mention of Apple from their… » 8/18/05 1:14pm 8/18/05 1:14pm

Everything You Need for an Evening of MacIntel

Candles, a bottle of red, some massage oils, and an OSX Intel torrent. It might not be like the first time, but it won't be the last, baby. Come on over here and sit next to me on the bearskin rug. We'll listen to a little Barry White, install a crack, and make our Vaio a Powerbook. In just a few minutes we'll be… » 8/12/05 11:08am 8/12/05 11:08am