I don't need this cool Macintosh Neue but bloody hell I want it so badly

I really would have no practical use for this Neo-Macintosh or Macintosh Neue or whatever you want to call it. But I want it. I would totally buy it. I'd probably only use it to write the book I will never finish and play Crystal Quest, but it would be totally mine if Apple ever made it. So silly, so good. » 1/13/15 2:41pm 1/13/15 2:41pm

This Website Charts Apple's Interesting Music Tastes Since the 80s

Apple is not the same company it was under Steve Jobs' stewardship. Any company that starts in a small garage in Cupertino and grows into a massive corporation pulling in $180 billion a year, according to Tim Cook's shotgun estimates on Charlie Rose, will change. Over the decades, as new product categories, more… » 9/14/14 1:00pm 9/14/14 1:00pm

The Best Typeface Apple Ever Had

It was square, squat, and inherently cute. It was friendly. It was easy to use. I'm talking about the beige box with the blue grinning face that came to live with us in 1985. But I'm also talking about the font that came with it. » 8/22/14 1:55pm 8/22/14 1:55pm

Atari arcade games inspired the original Apple mouse

It's hard to say if the Macintosh would've been so successful if it hadn't had such a revolutionary interface—namely, the mouse. While Apple didn't invent the mouse, it did commission the now legendary engineer Jim Yurchenco to make it viable. And he looked to Steve Jobs' former employer for inspiration. » 8/18/14 2:30pm 8/18/14 2:30pm

Here's How a 1984 Macintosh Tutorial Taught People to Use a Mouse

A generation of us grew up interacting with computers through a mouse—but that has not always case and will not always be the case. (Hi there toddlers on iPads!) When the Macintosh 128K debuted in 1984, it had to teach users how to point, click, and drag with a charming, game-filled mouse tutorial. » 5/29/14 6:00pm 5/29/14 6:00pm

It Took More Than Just iPhones to Shoot Apple's New Ad

With Macintosh turning 30 this year, you'd think Apple would go big. Maybe they'd spring for another Super Bowl commercial like the 1984 ad that changed the way the world thinks about computers. Nah… they just made an Apple promo reel that was shot entirely on iPhones—with a little help, of course. » 2/03/14 9:38am 2/03/14 9:38am

Apple Is Probably Going to Run a Sequel to its “1984” Ad Today

30 years ago. The Los Angeles Raiders are slaughtering the Washington Redskins at halftime. You decide it's time for a refill on your Crystal Light. You're headed to the kitchen when something stops you in your tracks—a chick with a Brigitte Nielsen haircut and a hammer, running towards you. » 2/02/14 3:00pm 2/02/14 3:00pm

Watch Steve Jobs Show Off the Mac in Footage Unseen Since 1984

30 years ago, the landscape of personal computing was vastly different. It hardly even existed, compared to what it is today. Footage of the Mac's initial unveil is out there, but this second, more polished run—a presentation for the Boston Computer Society—hasn't been available since the event itself back on January… » 1/26/14 9:04am 1/26/14 9:04am

Macintosh 128K Teardown: A Time Capsule With Keyboard and Mouse

The Mac turns 30 today, and what better way to celebrate than with a good ol' fashioned autopsy. iFixit proves that can be a lot more fun than it sounds with its classic 128K Macintosh teardown, a beautifully gory history lesson. » 1/24/14 10:10am 1/24/14 10:10am

Happy 30th Birthday Macintosh, the Controversial World-Changer

Today is a very special day for a very special computer. This is the computer that started it all, the device that changed everything, the very thing that kicked off the era of the personal computer. Happy 30th birthday, Macintosh. It's been quite a trip. » 1/24/14 8:36am 1/24/14 8:36am

You Can Actually Browse the Web on a 27-Year-Old Mac Plus

Jeff Keacher wanted to get his Mac Plus, now well into its third decade, online. It had been on BBSes and text-only Lynx via dial-up back in the day, but Keacher wanted to go full TCP/IP. And it worked. He even loaded Gizmodo for us! » 12/15/13 11:00am 12/15/13 11:00am

Watch a pile of Lego bricks transform into an original Macintosh

This 30 second time lapse video of a Lego original Macintosh being built captures all that is fun about playing with Lego. You see a pile of bricks slowly morph into an object that is instantly recognizable. It's like seeing the pieces of your imagination come together into something just so freaking fun. » 12/12/13 12:20pm 12/12/13 12:20pm

MacPaint In Your Browser Lets You Relive The Macintosh's Best Feature

If it wasn't for artists who embraced the company's computers, Apple might not have survived to release the iPod. And were it not for MacPaint, the simple (by today's standards) bitmap-based painting program included with the original Macintosh, those artists may have never fell in love with Apple in the first place.… » 10/09/13 3:20pm 10/09/13 3:20pm

Yep, This Adorable Mini Macintosh Is Fully Functional

Apple's compact Mac mini isn't as popular as it once was, but the company could easily make it a hot seller again if they just followed John Leake's lead and turned it into a miniature Macintosh. At one-third the size of the original, it's pretty much too cute to resist. » 8/28/13 8:35am 8/28/13 8:35am

What Would a Mac Look Like As a Motorcycle?

If you missed the One Show in Portland this past February, you're not alone and that's OK. Here's a nice little recap of some of the show's best. But if you skip to the 1:30 minute mark, you'll find an interesting and all together nerdy custom built with parts from a Mac. » 5/15/13 12:14pm 5/15/13 12:14pm

The Most Perfect Lego Recreation of the Original Macintosh Humanly…

You've seen out good friend Power Pig's work around Giz before, but he's totally outdone himself here. This is his Mona Lisa. (PUN. THAT WAS A PUN.) It's an absolutely perfect recreation of the original Mac, exactly as it was pictured in that first ad. » 1/24/13 4:00pm 1/24/13 4:00pm

What American Macintosh Factories Looked Like Last Time Apple Built…

Tim Cook laid some pretty exciting news on us today, saying that an entire Mac line would be manufactured in the US starting next year (some iMacs are already assembled here). But time was, that was just ho-hum standard for all Macs, when they were made in Fremont, California. » 12/06/12 12:49pm 12/06/12 12:49pm

Mac Mini Review: Apple's Tiny Computer Is Finally Worth Your Time

The Mac Mini has always been that runt you might buy if you couldn't afford any other Apple computer. Which is to say: it was the Apple computer you bought when you should've picked up a budget Dell or something. No longer. The 2012 model is a fantastic, affordable, and small. » 11/21/12 11:54am 11/21/12 11:54am

Never-Before Seen 1983 Mac Commercial Discovered

Software wizard Andy Hertzfeld— one of the geniuses behind the original Apple Macintosh—found these rare interviews from an original Macintosh commercial that was never aired. It reminds me of the now-classic product intro infomercials made popular during the Second Coming of Steve Jobs. » 8/14/12 9:21am 8/14/12 9:21am

The Easter Eggs Are Back in OS X—And This One Is Insanely Great

Right after Steve Jobs came back to lead Apple, he declared a total ban on software Easter Eggs and credits in the About box of every product made in Cupertino. They are back now. And this one is insanely great: » 7/26/12 12:20pm 7/26/12 12:20pm