Arn Kim Ran MacRumors While a Full-time Doctor

On top of running a bitchin' keynote liveblog, MacRumors owner Arn Kim was up until recently a full-time medical doctor. He's a friend who I've come to rely on as a sounding board for Apple rumors at 3am or any other obscene time of day, so I'm glad to see him being recognized with a profile in the NYT. [Photo by Jay… » 7/21/08 8:30pm 7/21/08 8:30pm

Airport Express Update Spotted at Online Apple Store

MacGeneration has spotted a new Airport Express unit listed at the Swiss online Apple Store. The updated router looks identical to the older Airport Express, however, the specification for the refreshed model lists 802.11n wireless network support. The Swiss variety shows a one week ship time and Macrumors is… » 3/15/08 10:15pm 3/15/08 10:15pm