iPhone Oddsmodo: The Chances Cisco will Destroy Apple in Court

» 1/10/07 11:54pm 1/10/07 11:54pm

I guess it's only appropriate to throw up an Oddsmodo while the Gizmodo team is busting our asses in the city of sin. So ... the news of Cisco suing Apple only broke a couple hours ago and our tech-friendly bookmakers at Bodog already have some lines going. You can wager you hard earned dollars on:

• Will Apple Inc.…
» 1/10/07 11:54pm 1/10/07 11:54pm

Gizmodo iPhone Hands On Part Deux: Why Isn't it White and Other…

When we got our sweaty palms on the iPhone, we weren't allowed to take photos for our usual gallery. But we got a Q&A with Apple's VP of Applications, Eddie Cue, and Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller. (Otherwise known as the guy who does iSight convos with Steve-O at every Apple event.) » 1/10/07 3:41pm 1/10/07 3:41pm

Axiotron ModBook—Not the Apple Ultraportable We Wanted, But We'll Take…

As psyched as we were to see the unveiling of the Jesus phone at today's Macworld Expo, we were very bummed at the absence of an ultraportable Mac. Luckily for us, Axiotron outted their new ModBook Mac Tablet. The chrome-plated magnesium tablet sports a 13.3-inch Wacom LCD and has similar specs as the current MacBook… » 1/09/07 9:22pm 1/09/07 9:22pm

iPhone Fakes: A Walk Down Memory Lane

The announcement at long last of the Apple iPhone today marks the end of an era. For well over a year now there has been rampant speculation about Apple's then-rumored foray into the cell phone field, with everyone wondering what kinds of magical features Steve Jobs and company would bring to the table. That meant… » 1/09/07 8:20pm 1/09/07 8:20pm