Live at Macworld: Colo Will Host Your Mac Mini

Came across the booth of this colocation and web host company that will host your Mac Mini starting at $29.99. They let you have full control of your machine through remote-control software, including rebooting. They also let you run whatever application you want. You don't get that in the Unix and Windows hosting… » 1/10/06 5:08pm 1/10/06 5:08pm

Apple Software Roundup: Mac OS X 10.4.4 - More Widgets Mean More Fun +…

Software generally isn t our bag, but if it is Apple related you know we are on it like a fat kid on cake. Here is all of the news about Apple's software. » 1/10/06 4:59pm 1/10/06 4:59pm

Macworld Keynote Live

Well, the keynote is over and we've seen the future—her name is Intel. What does this bode for Apple this year and for the future? Will commodity chips weaken its immune system? Will Rosetta refuse to run FileMaker Pro and ask only for MS Access? » 1/10/06 4:58pm 1/10/06 4:58pm